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Widow’s is famous for its original “She Crab Soup” Of course, your tastebuds will be delighted by the rest of the menu which includes a variety of delectable seafood entrees, tender steaks, creative burgers, along with a scrumptious and unique assortment of appetizers and desserts.


Drink specialities include a menagerie of martini selections, house wines, and a fully-stocked bar ready for your wildest creations, or our drink specials. The Widow’s is a cozy, comfortable atmosphere designed not only to please your palette but also to be the perfect place to gather and enjoy the whole experience. A staff of warm, inviting, and friendly faces is always at your service. It’s circa Jody Stahley, brimming with personality, good taste, and first-quality service.

Music entertainment every month

Check out our lunch specials, specialty drink list, and more! Give us a call for more information.

12 beers on tap

Homemade sangria

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Widow’s tavern & Grille is happily a family owned and operated restaurant. Collectively between the owner Jody Stahley and staff they have decades of experience in delighting customers.


Jody has been in the restaurant business for most of her life. She purchased the Old Original Widow Browns building back in 2007. The tavern has a lot of history and character,. Originally it was  a stage coach stop and Inn  for  travelers bound for  Philadelphia , now Locals, regulars, global business clients and new guests enjoy the casual inviting atmosphere that the  Widows Tavern and Grille provides.


We  are excited about the line up of excellent music  that we provide on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Whether you are out for dinner or simply a cocktail stop by and see us, Jody and the dedicated staff will be pleased to have you as their guests.



To this day, the Widow’s Tavern and Grille continues to

be haunted by the ghost known as “Marvin”.

Here is just a little bit about what we know of his story.

Keep your eyes peeled, because YOU might be the next

to encounter our paranormal pal!

The story of Marvin’s existence is almost as old as the

building itself. As it is told,a man named Marvin worked at the Inn, now known as the Widow’s Tavern & Grille, when it was merely a stagecoach stop. Marvin fell in love with one of the ladies who also worked at the Inn. The owner at the time didn’t see kindly to their forbidden affair and Marvin was fired from his job at the tavern.

Here is where the story gets a little fuzzy factually. We don’t know exactly who,

what, when, or why, but we do know that Marvin was found hanging in the back stairway of the tavern a short time later. Whether he was hung, or

hung himself, is something no one will ever know for sure. Nevertheless, Marvin

continues to “hang around” until this day.

Stories of white shadows, locked-unlocked doors, mysterious men drinking out

of old beer steins, turning of door knobs, rumblings from the second floor, and

the suspicious sounds of shuffling feet can be heard from the employees and

regular patrons who have been around the building long enough to know about

the legend and keep it alive.

One thing is for certain... we have a permanent guest here at Widow’s who may

not be earthly, but definitely helps keep things interesting, sometimes when you

least expect it. So the next time you see a light flicker, hear a glass break, or feel

the hair on the back of your neck stand up as you dive into your She Crab Soup,

chalk it up to Marvin... our friendly resident ghost!

The Widow’s Ghost

“Marvin” Still Haunts The Widow’s Tavern

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